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  • Name: GCD-04M Motorized Stage Controller
  • ID: GCD-04M
  • Published: 2015-02-03
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GCD-0401M  Motorized Stage Controller

System Overview

GCD-0401M motorized stage controller employs CAN serial bus system and high-performance CPU chip in order to control and actuate the motorized linear stages and rotation stages. As a result of these two features, GCD-0401M is a highly integrated and compact product which possesses the functions of upper-computer automotive/manual control, emergency stop, limit switch, multidimensional sequence and outputting pulse signal. The controller can be used individually or serially, up to 15 controllers can be networked through the internal communication link.

The associated software enables users to program the motorized stages to execute single movement command or run a script which contains series of commands. Furthermore, the operational parameters of the controller can be modified by the associated software, such as the starting speed, motor climbing coefficient, resolution, etc. The communication protocol is accessible to usersaccompanied by VC and Labview demonstration software that facilitates secondary development of the software.

GCD-0401M motorized stage controller is suitable for Daheng GCD-01, GCD-10, GCD-20, GCD-30, GCD-40 and GCD-50 series motorized linear and rotation stages.






1.1 Motorized Stage Controller

Model No.

Power Supply

Resolution Grades











1.2 Power Supply Base


Model No.

Input Voltage

Output Power

Dimensions (mm)

Weight (g)



DC24V 3A






2.1 Controller operating voltage   

Input: AC220V  Output: DC24V 3A

2.2 Maximum number of controlling dimensions: 15

2.3 Resolution: 8 different grades of minimum incremental motion.

2.4 Travel: Linear stage 0~2000mm; Rotation stage 0~360°。

2.5 Speed: 20 different grades.

2.6 Maximum frequency: 23.697 KHz

2.7 Communications: CAN

2.8 Maximum communication distance: 100m

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